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Don’t Be a Newbie. Join Tourbie.

Tourbie is a social network designed to connect young visitors to unfamiliar cities with hip, knowledgeable local guides who can offer a range of intriguing travel experiences.

To help Tourbie achieve its mission of creating a global travel network that promotes collaboration and sharing of information peer-to-peer, Visual Language worked with the founders to develop a suite of distinctive image characteristics.

“A disconnect in the travel market,” say Tourbie’s founders, “happens when a young solo traveler relies on guidebooks or generic tour guides.” To create a brand that would resonate with Tourbie’s target audience, we proposed identity options based on concepts suggested by participants in an informal market research group at General Assembly: ‘magic carpet,’ ‘quick as a bunny,’ ‘guide dog,’ ‘newbie,’ ‘T for transit (and Tourbie)’ and ‘friendly script, like handwriting.’

TourbieiPads copy
Four options were presented on a mockup interface that illustrates how the logo and other elements could appear on the home page with a menu of sample travel experiences.
The ‘newbie’ and ‘transit T’ options are taken to the next level, the site map.

The ‘newbie’ wheels his touristy suitcase to the phone app prototype. He’ll learn from the locals, soon enough.