Guggenheim Museum

Ads for the Guggenheim Museum designed by Ellen Shapiro of Visual Language LLC


If This Is the Frame,
Imagine the Art Inside

For more than a decade, we produced the Guggenheim ads that appeared in dozens of New York City visitor and travel publications.

Guggenheim_3 New

The “If this is the frame” campaign ran successfully since 2002 in full- and fractional-page sizes. We typeset some iterations in Portuguese and Mandarin.


Every few years the logo and creative are refreshed.


An earlier campaign to bring new audiences to the Guggenheim included a direct mail package that was the museum’s most successful membership solicitation to date.

Our research showed that art lovers most appreciate receiving invitations to black-tie openings. We developed this event invitation that includes, for a modest donation, a one-year membership. This concept has been widely imitated by other museums.