Andron Construction Corporation


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Andron Construction Corporation
Design and Build

This regional construction company specializes in schools and colleges, health care facilities, and laboratories.

We replaced their dated script logo with a bold I-beam of color.

Standing out among the RFPs: bold graphic identity and proposal template distinctively brand Andron as an industry leader and have helped the company win new business in a larger geographic area.
See-through letterforms give the logotype great flexibility.
Andron Execs
Photography by Alan S. Orling depict Andron executives in intriguing architectural environments built by the company.
The focus of this assignment was to develop proposal templates for Andron to use in-house in order to respond efficiently and beautifully to RFPs. We designed title pages and various pages with text, diagrams, bios, and photographs of completed projects. Covers were pre-printed for categories including educational, scientific, corporate, and health care organizations, ready to assemble.
Proposal cover photography by ESTO in a complex Andron-built laboratory at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Tarrytown, NY.