International Dyslexia Association

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Every Child Reading

Campaign that helps parents and teachers in the nation’s most disadvantaged school districts learn how to recognize learning disabilities in young children and get access to testing and remediation.

On behalf of the Dyslexia Association, we won a Sappi “Ideas That Matter” grant to write, design and produce materials that were distributed to the U.S. school districts with the lowest reading schools. The process began with a logo refresh, creating the campaign theme, and developing the color palette and typographic style.
060_Fin_IDA TeacherGuide_Designed by Ellen Shapiro
The Teacher Guide includes checklists for K-3 classroom teachers, a Q&A about common misconceptions, and information about multisensory reading programs and other resources.
061_Fin_IDA ParentGuide_Designed by Ellen Shapiro
The Parent Guide encourages moms to be their child’s advocate, to form partnerships with his or her teachers, and to point out words, sounds and spellings when reading out loud. A key message is, “Having a learning disability doesn’t mean your child isn’t smart.”
Illustration by Steven Guarnaccia for learning materials designed by Ellen Shapiro
Charming illustrations by Steven Guarnaccia help make formerly academic, dull presentations into friendly and helpful booklets.