Professional Children’s School

PCS Logos designed by Ellen Shapiro of Visual Language LLC


Always Leaping Higher

Near New York’s Lincoln Center, PCS is the school where the talented kids who star on Broadway and in ballet, film, TV and sports get their college-prep, academic education.

PCS AlumniNews2

The logo palette, like the young dancers, is nimble and can change form as needed to complement the medium.

There can be no more effective fund-raisers than the students themselves, who can touch donors’ hearts with their talents and smiles.

PCS_Accordion_Designed by Ellen Shapiro

This accordion folder fits neatly into an A-8 envelope with a personal note — and can be proudly displayed on parents’ and donors’ desks.

Annual report fot PCS by Ellen Shapiro of Visual Language LLC, Irvington, NY

Close-ups of the same students  were shot at the same time by Peggy Barnett for “The Faces of PCS” annual report.

Case statement by Ellen Shapiro of Visual Language LLC helped PCS raise $7 million to renovate their building

Case statement by Visual Language LLC helped PCS raise the nearly $7 million needed for a major building renovation, which gave them a new theater, upgraded science and computer labs, and a rooftop gym.