Cerecor, Inc.


From Feeling Blue to “In The Pink”

Brand identity for Cerecor, Inc., Baltimore-based company founded at Johns Hopkins University dedicated to developing neuroscience drugs that improve brain function and mood.

We begin each engagement by carefully defining the “design brief” — the criteria, deliverables, and desired results — with the client. Their only request was that the symbol in some way resembled or derived from the letter ‘C.’

Typically, we will present three options, beginning with a concept that might be an unexpected reach for the client. For Cerecor, we began with a group of squares that contain images, both photographic and symbolic that could be set in motion behind the ‘CERE’ letterforms that created the center of the ‘C’ in the square.

The other options were a spinning, abstract letter ‘C’ with the potential of changing angle and color. And a ‘C’ constructed from geometric forms that represent the brain synapses that carry information between neurons.

The client chose concept #2, the version that transformed itself from “feeling blue” to “in the pink” in small increments.


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