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Saving Lives

Renzo Piano donated the design. Dedicated donors began providing funds to build a pediatric surgical hospital in Uganda, a country where only 5 percent of children have access to medical care. $1.5 million more was needed.

We were inspired by Renzo Piano’s early sketches of other projects and used one to mock up a design direction.


This quick mockup suggests using a sketch by Mr. Piano as the main visual, with photographs of pediatric patients and physicians inside.


The client provided black-and-white photographs that capture the needs of sick children and the dedication of doctors working in less-than-ideal conditions.


Stock photos help tell the story.


Mr. Piano, after seeing the prototype, provided his sketch of the hospital as well as a more finished drawing and an elevation, which were used on email blasts and postcards. Bold italic and typewriter-style type help express the urgency of raising the $1.5 million needed to break ground for the hospital.

RenzoPiano_Emergency_2016 Sketch

Mr. Piano graciously created this rough sketch of the hospital, which perfectly expresses the needs of a project that requires financial help to complete.